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Just Popped in My “Tour de Flex” Flash Drive from MAX 2008

Well I just got back from MAX2008 yesterday on the red eye and after a few meetings for work and re-connecting with my kids I decided to sleep for a good chunk of the day… I am now working on getting the LiveCycle demos I did at MAX2008 published out on my Blog as well. But before getting started on that my attention naturally was diverted to something that required less effort, that is popping in the “Tour de Flex” Flash Drive that I managed to snag from Greg Wilson, one of our enterprise evangelists, prior to boarding the red eye.

I was actually fortunate enough to receive a copy of Tour De Flex prior to MAX2008 through Greg and Holly Schinsky both of which worked endless hours on it and were my co-workers from the past at Q-Link Technologies where we built a leading edge Business Process Management (BPM) platform. I say fortunate because Tour De Flex can save a countless number of hours with its examples for someone like me, who still lacks adequate Flex chops and happens to be under pressure to deliver on some demos (like I was for MAX).

Tour De Flex

Tour De Flex

Anyway, I definitely recommend checking out Tour De Flex. If you don’t have the Flash drive because you didn’t manage to pick one up at MAX or couldn’t make it out to MAX download it from . While there was a ton of innovative demos and presentations at MAX (and I mean a TON), Tour De Flex stood out for me due to its ability to really reach out and get Flex and possibly other useful/related technologies (with the ability to publish samples) out to the masses, not to mention help out the RIA illiterates like myself ;-).