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Kickin It Old School

Being a parent of a 6 year old who (at this point;-) is aspiring to become a computer programmer I am now continuously looking out for books that either a) help me learn how to teach computer programming concepts to children or b) contain stories for children that involve teaching computer science concepts.

Well the other day I came across the following site
Ted had a listing of childrens books from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that taught computer science concepts. Surprisingly, there seems to have been a great many more books back then than there is now for children around computer science!

One of the books I picked up was “The Magic School Bus Gets Programmed” and the book is awesome! My older son (6 years) has asked me to read it again for the past 3-4 nights. The story is about kids attempting to use a new computer to automate their work, but when things go wrong (due to a bug in their application) they need to take the Magic School Bus inside of the computer where kids learn all about concepts around disk storage, motherboards, CPUs, and RAM.

If you have a young child interested in computers I would definitely recommend this book if you can find it. Its available at amazon for pretty much the price of shipping 😉