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Hello World

So.. Like many of my fellow procrastinators that are out there I created my Blog account on WordPress (or similar providers) a while back (hmmm.. actually a year or two) and have now just gotten to the point of making my “Hello World” entry.

Why did it take so long?

laziness maybe or better phrased as “lack of sufficient drivers”

Why now?

well besides the external pressure I have been getting from co-workers and friends I am just about to do a cold reboot on my career here by transitioning from my role as an architect for the LiveCycle ES platform to student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) and figured this would be a good time to boot my late entrance into the Blogosphere.

That’s right! I am going back to school.

Georgia Institute of Technology Orientation 2008

Georgia Institute of Technology Orientation 2008

Kind of like “old school” except I actually will be going to school and more than likely will not be experiencing any re-kindling of my party days (My wife will make sure of that 😉 I will be starting up at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) in the Spring/2009 where I will be specializing in Programming Languages with the goal of looking at how we can improve the way by which we develop applications, specifically enterprise applications.

My intentions with this Blog are to:

  • have a place to formalize ideas around improving our development experience
  • learn from others
  • expand my connections with the community
  • bring awareness to a lot of the very cool stuff that Adobe is doing in the enterprise space
  • make sure I don’t live up to the name of the Blog on all the above

Anyway — “Hello World”