The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, views, strategies or opinions of my employer, Adobe Systems.

Hi, I am Shone Sadler, a principal scientist at [see above] where I helped design and evolve the underlying SOA architecture of LiveCycle ES. Prior to working on LiveCycle, I was the Chief Architect at a little known, but successful business process management (BPM) company out of Tampa Florida. More recently I took my family (wife, three kids, and two dogs) on a road-trip to move from San Jose, CA to Atlanta, GA. And no… Adobe does not have a development office here in Atlanta, but I will be attending and doing work at the Georgia Institute of Technology (WOOT Yellow Jackets!!) on behalf of my employer, Adobe Systems. Moreover, I am looking to re-unite with the warm waters of the east coast with a couple trips to Savannah, Charleston, and/or Myrtle when possible 😉

As with most parents my personal passions are my kids who effectively consume any hours I have outside of my work. My oldest son is JUST getting to the age where he no longer is interested in just playing video games with his daddy, but also learning how to create video games with his daddy. As a result you will likely see a lot of articles around kids and computing as well amongst the rest of my ramblings.

My LinkedIn Profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/shonesadler


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