The LCES Pet Store & Process Oriented Application Development!

This is one of three demos that I did at MAX 2008. Unfortunately, I did not make it through all the demos due to technical issues (i.e. I should have come earlier to test out the gear). Enough of the excuses though, hopefully people enjoyed what I could show and now here is the source 😉

The primary purpose of this demo was to show a) a “traditional” enterprise app being built solely on top of LCES and b) the diverge from typical Data Oriented Applications that interact directly with the underlying DB to Process Oriented Applications that leverage Long-Lived processing to build a more rich end-to-end experience.

Click HERE to download the source code.

Note the download is a zip file ( containing 3 files:

  1. (My Flex Project) – This App is currently hardwired to talk to localhost.
  2. petstore-dsc.jar – The LiveCycle Data Management Services Assembler that Creates, Reads, Updates, and Deletes Pets from the DB along with the Java source. This DSC also creates the underlying DB table when it is installed, however the DDL is generated for MySQL only currently.
  3. PetStore.lca – The LiveCycle Application Archive that contains the Pet Verification Process and XFA Form used in the Application

The Architecture
Below is a slide of the overall architecture.

LCES PetStore Architecture

LCES PetStore Architecture

Note that only the highlighted boxes are complete in the demo (sorry I didn’t get to the rest;-( .
A brief description of the highlighted Boxes are:

  1. The LCES PetStore AIR application
  2. The Pet Verification Process – A long lived process that generates a form/workitem that is routed to the store clerk (Tony Blue)
  3. The Pet Detail Form – the one that is rendered to Tony Blue
  4. The User Service – An out of the box service used to make User Assignments as part of a process
  5. LiveCycle Workspace – An operational UI provided out of the box for users to manage workitems and participate in long-lived processes.
  6. The PetService – A Custom service that implements the CRUD operations necessary to manage Pets in the Database and to push them to clients via LiveCycle Data Management Services.

For purposes of this demo I decided to use Mate. I was originally motivated by the excellent presentation that I saw from Laura Arguello at the Atlanta Flash & Flex User Group back in September. This is my first time using Mate, so hopefully I paid it some justice here. At MAX 2008 I laid out the following slides to show how MVC related to LCES and Mate to LCES respectively.



Mate & LCES

Mate & LCES

Anyway, I have two more LCES demos to post over the weekend (the Zillow App and UDDI Browser), so keep an eye out!


7 comments so far

  1. […] You can see my previous/more detailed post at LCES Pet Store & Process Oriented Application Development. […]

  2. ilja.panin on

    Hi, source code is not avaible in 😦

    Can you upload it in your blog?

    • ssadler on

      I am sorry you are having problems downloading it. Unfortunately does not allow for zip file uploads. I will forward you the zip file.
      Note, contents of the zip file are:
      1) petstore-dsc.jar – Contains the LiveCycle Server Side component that must be installed into a running instance of LiveCycle ES via the Workbench tool. The Java Source code is contained in the jar file.
      2) PetStore.lca – Contains the Pet Verification Process and XFA Form used in the Application. It must be deployed into LiveCycle via the Web based Application Administration Console (AAC).
      3) – Contains the related Flex project that was demoed


  3. Jim on

    Would love to kick-start our efforts with this example . . . could you forward the code? Thanks!

  4. Спасибо за опус я остался доволен прочтением, вот еще бы побольше информации предоставили по этой теме, я бы только порадовался.

  5. lw on


    Can you please forward the zip file to me as well.


  6. PH Paper on

    the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them `.-

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